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Vision, Mission and Purpose


Our Vision

As we look to the future of Clevedon Baptist Church we see a large, multi-congregational, all-age, contextually aware, disciple-making, Word and Spirit based, Baptist Church.

For more information see our Vision 2025 booklet.

Our Mission

Built into our Vision 2025 is a desire to be participants in God’s mission. We understand this as being 8 fold:


Our Purpose

Our Purpose may be summarised as:

  • Living with a purpose
  • Loving Jesus and our neighbours
  • Belonging to a distinctive Christian community

NETS 2020


  • A Kingdom of God envisioned people, who have broken free from church only limitations and experiences
  • A gathering church casting the nets, seeing people of all ages becoming believers in Jesus and being baptised and discipled
  • A coaching church, where people grow in their spiritual gifting
  • A mended and equipped by God church, made whole in Christ
  • A church with a sharper prophetic edge, envisioned with word and Spirit imagination
  • A dependent upon God, Spirit-filled prayerful people, able to see and say ‘look what God has done’

At CBC we talk about our 104 hours. These are the hours spent away from church when we are not sleeping! These are the hours that we may spend at work, school, home and doing ‘useful activity’. We encourage, support and pray for us all as we live out our faith in these 104 hours.

Clevedon Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Evangelical Alliance.