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Meet the Team

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
Antony-Wareham   Josh-Besley
Antony Wareham   Josh Besley
Senior Minister   Youth Pastor

Church Leaders (Trustees)

Ruth-Berry   Martyn-Frampton
Ruth Berry   Martyn Frampton
Helen-Pedder   Karen-Gomm
Helen Pedder   Karen Gomm
Pete-Jennings   John-Wheeler
Pete Jennings   John Wheeler

Ministry Team Leaders

Ministry Team Leaders work with the Church Leaders and the Church giving leadership to a specific area of Church life mission or ministry.
Heather-Hale   Albert-Mulligan
Heather Hale   Albert Mulligan
Children & Youth   Families
Mary-Mulligan   Judy-Spencer
Mary Mulligan   Judi Spencer
Families   Senior Adults
Pat-Service   Julie-Cannock
Pat Service    Julie Cannock
Welcome   Mosaic Church
Kristen Capon     
Social Justice    

Pastoral Care Coordination Team

Maggie Blackmore, Gemma Jennings, Keith Pimm, Jane Wheeler, Marjorie Tomlinson and Antony Wareham.

Other Team Members

Kelly-Croxton   Jo-Wareham
Kelly Croxton   Jo Wareham
Administrator   Administraton
Gemma Jennings    

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