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Meet the Team

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and staff members.
Antony-Wareham   Josh-Besley
Antony Wareham   Josh Besley
Senior Minister   Youth Pastor
Jordan Henley-Smith    
Jordan Henley-Smith    

Church Leaders (Trustees)

Ruth-Berry   Martyn-Frampton
Ruth Berry   Martyn Frampton
Helen-Pedder   Karen-Gomm
Helen Pedder   Karen Gomm
Pete-Jennings   John-Wheeler
Pete Jennings   John Wheeler

Ministry Team Leaders

Ministry Team Leaders work with the Church Leaders and the Church giving leadership to a specific area of Church life mission or ministry.
Heather-Hale   Albert-Mulligan
Heather Hale   Albert Mulligan
Children & Youth   Families
Mary-Mulligan   Judy-Spencer
Mary Mulligan   Judi Spencer
Families   Seniors
Pat-Service   Julie-Cannock
Pat Service   Julie Cannock
Welcome   Mosaic Church
Kristen Capon    
Social Justice    

Pastoral Care Coordination Team

Left to right (from back): Keith Pimm, Anita Jays, Gemma Jennings, John Gover, Antony Wareham and Venita Aldridge.

Other Team Members

Kelly-Croxton   Jo-Wareham
Kelly Croxton   Jo Wareham
Administrator   Administraton
Gemma Jennings    

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